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  • Multi-Kits Desktop Hair Drug Rapid Detector
  • Multi-Kits Desktop Hair Drug Rapid Detector
    Neogene established a quantitative detection system for drug detection based on integration of quantum dot fluorescent immunoassay and fluorescent detection technology. The multi-kits drugs quantitative detection system can detect various drugs simultaneously. It's applicable for fixed places such as various drug rehabilitation centres, drug rehabilitation hospitals, and police stations.
    Technical Features:

    1)  Quick Detection: Hair splitting in 2 minutes, drug testing in 3 minutes, with total detection time in 5 minutes. 

    2)  High Detection Accuracy: 0.2ng/mg, in line with the standard of the Ministry of Public Security.

    3)  Multiple Detectable Drugs: Heroin, morphine, methamphetamine, ketamine, 6-monoacetylmorphine, methcathinone, ecstasy (MDMA), acetyl fentanyl, benzodiazepine (flunitrazepam), caffeine and many other drugs, as well as morphine/methamphetamine mixed drugs, morphine/ methamphetamine /ketamine mixed drugs.

    4)  Little Cross Reaction: Little cross reaction with methoxyphenamine, pseudoephedrine, etc. contained in medicine.

    5)  Strong Thermal Stability: Tolerance to 45℃ for kit and hair lysate.

    6)   Strong Versatility: hair lysate is highly versatile, multiple drugs can be detected at the same time with merely one time hair splitting process via hair lysate.